Gonstead doctors strive to offer the best in chiropractic treatment, and make it affordable for even those without insurance benefits. In my own practice about 70% of the patients I take care of have no insurance coverage and manage to pay out of pocket. How? For one, as Gonstead doctors, we typically get quick results and end up seeing our patients fewer times than many other chiropractors.

We also minimize expensive testing procedures and physical therapeutics that tend to drive up costs, and do little to affect patient results. Because so many people now have limited or no insurance coverage for chiropractic, we understand the importance of keeping costs down.

Your health is your most valuable possession. By choosing a doctor who is the lowest bidder you may be dealing with someone trying to serve two masters (first your insurance company and secondly, you). As one patient put it,

“When I chose an in-network doctor I felt like I was bringing a coupon to McDonald’s, but at your office I feel I am dining at a steakhouse!”

If you’re in pain, contact us to schedule an appointment ASAP!