Due to the current COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic, and the issuing of “shelter in place” orders, many wonder if we are still seeing patients. Chiropractic care is considered part of the list of essential public health functions in Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-12. Unless this changes, I will continue to practice. I did prevent 3 Urgent Care visits for patients just yesterday! So for the month of April the following applies:

  1. We have made numerous modifications to reduce shared points of contact- keeping front door propped open, no sign-in, etc.
  2. For shared points of contact we attempt to disinfect between every patient- door handles, my hands, adjusting tables, etc.
  3.  If you have a fever or any sign of respiratory illness, please refrain from coming to the clinic (I will do the same). If you are in such a state and have concerns, please contact me and I will do my best to give guidance.
  4. If you should desire to minimize your time in the office, simply call or text when you arrive in our parking lot, and we can notify you when to come in so as to have no waiting time in the office.
  5. If you are in a high risk category for severe COVID-19, we ask that you allow us to schedule you at a special time to reduce your encounters with other patients and give us extra time for additional disinfection protocols. High risk include: Age 65 or older, chronic lung disease, immunocompromised (those under cancer treatment or on immune-suppressing drugs for autoimmunity such as corticosteroids), diabetic, chronic kidney or liver disease, and severe obesity.
  6. For consults regarding nutrition and lab results, we prefer to conduct those via the phone.

The Arizona Board of Chiropractic encourages us to not abandon patients during this difficult time, and the Arizona Association of Chiropractic confirmed with the governor’s office today with the message to “keep providing care”. So keeping your visit with me is allowable even during the shelter-in-place mandate.


Dr. Matt French

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