By Lorrie Karn, Certified Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator

With the holidays on our doorstep, buzzwords like ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ start to circle in conversations. It’s important to first understand the difference between the two…

What is a cleanse?

A cleanse is a purging of the colon which can rid the body of congested waste matter in the lower GI tract. This can be ‘volcanic’ if not done properly, and can be harmful to the body if done too frequently. Over the counter cleanse products may also negatively interfere with certain prescriptive medications. Before considering a cleanse, be sure to consult with Dr. French or Dr. Jensen and ask which protocol is best for you!

What is a detox?

Think of a detox as changing the filters in the body, specifically, the kidneys and the liver. These organs can become congested with toxins from foods that contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, additives, colorings, pesticides, germicides, sweeteners, etc.

Moreover, the body doesn’t know how to process these items. Not only can they disrupt the microbiome of the gut, they also pollute the kidneys and the liver. Environmental toxins also work against the body’s functions and contribute to toxicity. Additionally, having this toxicity in the body disrupts hydration at the cellular level which can contribute to headaches, fatigue, aches and pains, and even complicate the gut to the point of leaky gut.

To detox the body, the first step is to avoid ingesting the negative contributors (bad stuff and junk food). Drink only purified water. Select organic foods — including meats and fish. Avoid foods that are processed and contain artificial or manufactured ingredients.

Check out the infographic below with a list of the veggies and fruits – the “Clean 15 & the Dirty Dozen.” 

Like cleansing, rapid detoxing should be supervised under the care of a health care professional. Holistic Health Solutions has 10-day and 28-day programs in which your care is managed by Dr. French and our Lifestyle Educator and wellness specialist, Lorrie Karn.

Prepare your body for the upcoming holiday season by learning how to navigate holiday events. That way, you won’t sabotage your weight-loss efforts while still enjoying the festivities.

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