Dr. Matt French loves cheese. All types. The problem is that cheese doesn’t love him back. He has a food sensitivity to cheese and most dairy.

It’s not necessarily an allergy, like if someone who’s allergic to peanuts or shellfish eats some and goes into anaphylactic shock. But it’s your body reacting to one or more of the foods you’re eating regularly. Moreover, that food is causing inflammation, which is the culprit behind many diseases, illnesses, pain and ailments.

Watch Dr. Matt tell his story of his love/hate relationship with cheese – a food sensitivity…

Some foods to eliminate are:

Do you feel achy? Don’t chalk it up to “getting old”! It could be simply a something you’re eating that doesn’t agree with you. 

Don’t get upset because you have to give up one of your favorite foods. For instance, there’s a lot of excellent gluten-free products available. If it’s dairy — cow’s milk products — try goat or sheep’s milk cheese and there are many new vegan cheese substitutes. Daiya makes a decent gluten-free and dairy-free pizza.

But first you have to figure out which foods are causing your pain. That’s where we can help. 

Contact us for an appointment and we can help you determine the cause of your pain.

Living with your symptoms is not living!

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