February is National Heart Month, so let’s take a look at lifestyle choices that affect your heart health.

heart healthy mealBeginning with nutrition, focusing a nutrition plan on fiber-rich, plant-based foods is a great way to start. Not only do these foods aid in gut health (specifically food rich in fiber), but they may also lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, in addition to aiding in other health benefits. Ask your Lifestyle Educator for new and exciting recipe ideas! Not much of a cook? Not a problem. Many food prep ideas are simple, affordable and delicious. Spoiler alert… it’s all about the herbs and spices!

Fitness is friendly to the heart and the mind. Exercise can include any movement that gets you going. fitness equipmentWhat inspires you to get off the couch? Whether it’s going to the gym, taking a fitness class, or enjoying nature, just move. Your body is your boss, so listen to it. Exercise can be done in short bouts or extended. There is no one-size-fits-all to fitness. The trick is to find the activity you like and just do it. Ramp up slowly to avoid injury and/or burn-out. Include stretch and mind/body activities into your routine.

De-stress! Clear your mind-chatter and work on finding your happy place!Even if you start with 3-5 minutes per day, find a place where you can turn off all electronics and just breathe. 

De-stress - go hiking!

Meditation and prayer work wonders, as well as just being still. It is very serving (and soothing) to the soul to just enjoy silence for even those few minutes. Think of it as resetting your energy to deal with your demands.

For detailed guidance, ask Dr. French to help you with these needs, and schedule your appointment with one of his Lifestyle Educators. You can choose in-person or virtual appointments to fit your busy life!!!