By Lorrie Karn, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Educator

mindful eating during the holidaysIt happens every year…. You blink twice and the holiday season is on your doorstep. Along with that comes holiday parties, get-togethers, shopping outings, and the stress of navigating busy schedules. When our time is in high demand, it’s easy to succumb to behaviors that can stack on the pounds. The wonders of winter don’t need to include a plan to shred weight in the new year. Managing nutrition best habits during the holidays not only keeps off unwanted weight, but also helps the body navigate stress.

Whether your nutrition habits include the ketogenic plan, the modified Mediterranean, Whole 30, or if you just live organically, approaching the holidays mindfully can really keep your eating habits in check. Below is a guide to help you strategize options within your plan…


Holiday food - ham Keto dietThis is a great time to enjoy meat trays. Holiday prosciutto, salamis, as well as dried and cured meats tend to be on the fatty side. Olives are another great choice. Sauces and gravies made with ghee, butter, and whole cream also great flavor varieties. The biggest pitfall for the holiday keto dieter is those tempting sweets. Find a keto friendly dessert in a keto cookbook, and enjoy a serving. Be mindful to not justify multiple servings simply because the treat is keto compliant. Check out out Ketogenic Diet Board on Pinterest. 

Modified Mediterranean

Mediterranean dietLike throughout the year, there are many roasted options. Roasted meats and veggies add a comfort feeling that just says holiday. Have fun with holiday inspired seasonings! Get creative with smoothies and salads. Portion control is essential here, just like the rest of the year. Sweet treats include fresh fruit and cocoa dusted almonds. If you’re in the ‘food freedom’ stage of Whole 30, make sure to avoid justifying too many sweets, grains, dairy, or alcohol.

Whole 30

holiday spicesThe holidays don’t have to unravel your efforts. Meal planning and prep is essential. Make sure to include foods that satisfy the sweet tooth, like cinnamon dusted peaches or apples. Oranges with a little nutmeg and clove spice also speaks to the holiday pallet. Plan ahead when attending parties and events. Have an emergency backup such as an Rx Bar or LaraBar. Take single serve ghee packets or single serve almond butter to combat moments of temptation.

Regardless which food lifestyle you follow, avoiding overeating is a must. Staying hydrated also helps the body digest food, and also keeps you feeling fuller longer. Skipping meals/snacks is an invitation to overeat later. Be mindful before you leave your house and have a prepared snack with you. Snack options may include a protein bar, a piece of fruit, nuts and seeds, single serve almond butter packet, or meal replacement drink.

Staying consistent with meal timing also helps the body to naturally fight stress. Schedule your commitments versus winging it will help fight fatigue and stress. It’s ok to say “no”! Whether this includes over-extending commitments or spending, saying “no” will help avoid emotional eating later. Remember that your Crockpot is your friend. Save time and money by having meals ready to eat when you come home.

You can do this! Your team at Holistic Health Solutions is here to help you navigate through the holidays and offer nutrition solutions.

Happy Holidays!

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