I used to dread going up stairs, even a few steps. I used to yearn to be able to go hiking. Especially living in Phoenix. There are so many great hiking trails from easy to difficult. However, my osteoarthritis knee pain was chronic and severe. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2008. In hindsight, I remember symptoms in my hands and knees going back at least 20 years ago (I’m 62).

In 2008, the doctor prescribed NSAIDs for pain relief, but they affected my kidneys and liver. At that point I stopped taking them.

I can live with the pain but not without my kidneys and liver!

Or so I thought.

I’d be sitting, not moving, watching TV and I’d feel a shooting pain go through my knee (ankles, too). It happened while driving, also! Something had to be done. That’s when I changed my diet to an anti-inflammatory one.

I started the Whole Life 180 plan in March of 2017 with Dr. French while getting chiropractic treatment for my back and shoulder pain. As of this posting, I’ve lost almost 40 pounds!

And my knees and ankles don’t hurt any more!

What did I do? Here are the 10 steps you need to take to reduce knee and joint pain and get back to living your life!

  1. Stop eating the foods that cause inflammation. They are poison. Think of it as being allergic to them. You eat them, you feel pain. Done. Read food labels.  I’ve been dairy and gluten-free for 6 years.
  2. Consume anti-inflammatory foods — all herbs and spices reduce inflammation – especially ginger, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon and more! Learn how to cook with these!
  3. Detox. Ask Dr. French about his detox and anti-inflammatory medical supplements. They worked for me. We are exposed to toxins every day — no matter how organic, germ-free or obsessive you are. If you live in Phoenix, you breathe in the brown cloud. So, daily, I drink a detox tea with dandelion root in the morning. Before bed, I drink a mixture or turmeric tea with chamomile which helps me detox overnight.
  4. Take anti-inflammatory supplements.
    1. turmeric
    2. fish oil
    3. MSM
    4. ginger
    5. cayenne pepper
    6. magnesium
    7. vitamin D
    8. potassium
    9. glucosamine
  5. Exercise the leg muscles around the knee. Relax. You’re not expected to do squats or lunges. I still can’t do them. But I am able to sit cross-legged. I hadn’t been able to for years! Check out the infographic below.
  6. Do yoga stretches every night before bed and as soon as you get up in the morning. Check out the other infographic below. These also help you de-stress and sleep better.
  7. Walk – as often as you can. If it’s too hot, walk the mall.
  8. Sit on a stability ball while watching TV. Get a stability ball and sit on it while watching TV. It helps strengthen your core muscles and reduces back pain.
  9. Go hiking – the best test for your knees and ankles is a hike. Go easy on a beginners’ trail and at your own pace. Use an app like MyFitnessPal to measure your pace and distance.
  10. Lose weight. Get the weight off your knees and ankles. God didn’t make these joints to carry all the weight we put on it! Believe me, my ankles and knees are happier without 40 pounds on them!

Before I started the WholeLife180 plan along with chiropractic treatment, my knee pain was very sharp, an 8, 70% of the time. I went hiking recently and my knee pain was there, but it was dull and at only a 1 when stepping up. Dr. Matt told me that it will never go away, however, if it’s just a twinge now and then, it’s tolerable.

Always consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise regiment. It’s best to get lab work done for a full diagnosis.

Living with your symptoms is not living! 

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