I don’t know about you, but I hate counting calories! I don’t have the time! Why bother! I eat healthy. Or so I thought. Until I started on the Whole Life 180 medically-guided weight-loss program, I didn’t realize that I was eating “healthy foods” but too much of them! Hence my first naturopath told me about the MyFitnessPal appIt’s free and they have a upgraded paid version, but I used the free version.

It has just about every food you can imagine. And you can scan the barcodes to instantly track what you’re eating. It also has the ability, via your mobile device’s GPS, get the menu from the restaurant that you’re at – though it’s limited to the larger chains and more popular eateries, for now.

What made it easy for me it’s the mobility. I installed it on my iPad and it was easy for me to log my meals as I sat eating them. 

The idea is to help you stick to your calorie intake goals – if this type of meal plan is what is recommended to you by your nutritionist. Your calorie should be set by a doctor or a nutritionist. It’s based on your Base Metabolic Rate (BMR) which is how many calories you burn when at rest. Sticking to that calorie goal is important.

You can easily add recipes from scratch or those you find online. And you can edit them too!

MyFitnessPal & MapMyRun

MapMyRun pace & elevation syncs with MyFitnessPalMyFitnessPal has a sister app, MapMyRun. It tracks your workouts. You don’t have to only run to use it. I used it with my walks and hiking. You can connect your favorite music (make sure it’s upbeat to help you keep pace). It tracks how far you go, how many calories you burned, your pace, and even the elevation.

Once your workout is done, it syncs with MyFitnessPal and adjusts your available calorie intake for the day. Now, that doesn’t mean you can or should eat more! Stick to the plan and it will work!

You can also share your workout on Facebook and Twitter. That helped me get some kudos and motivations from my friends. It also helped motivate them!

MyFitnessPal Daily MotivationAt the end of each day, MyFitnessPal gives you a bit of motivation by telling you if everyday were like this day, you’d weigh xxx in 5 weeks. Moreover, it will scold you if you don’t eat enough calories. (If I went under 1000 calories in a day.)

MyFitnessPal BlogEach time you open the app, you get more motivation from articles on MyFitnessPal’s Blog. You’ll also see your progress for the day — how much protein, carbs and fats you’ve eaten. All to help you stick to your goals and lose weight.

I lost about 15 lbs. on my first time using the app. I was down to 161. However, I got frustrated when I hit a plateau, so I stopped using the app. When I started the Whole Life 180 weight loss program, I had the guidance I needed to choose the right foods for my particular body, lifestyle and habits. I started using the app again and when I entered my weight at the time, there was a diagonal line going in the wrong direction! Up to 170!

I was the perfect example of yo-yo dieting.

But following the Whole Life 180 program with Dr. Matt’s and nutritionist, Judy’s, guidance, one morning after I weighed myself and added my weight into MyFitnessPal, I got this graphic which I was able to add to the picture Judy took of me at their office.

Why You Need to Consider a Customized Weight Loss ProgramWoohoo! That’s a milestone! It hasn’t been easy. But if I can do it, you can do it too! Here’s my starting video and story. But this traditional before and after pic tells it all:

Giselle before and after Whole Life 180

Update as of 7/9/17: I had hit a plateau. I wanted to be out of the 150s by the end of June, but I was stuck at 151. When speaking with nutritionist, Judy, we came to the conclusion that I should switch to the Ketogenic Diet — a low carb, high fat and protein meal plan. So no more sweet potatoes, rice or quinoa for a while. Hello avocados! More on this later. This morning when I stepped on the scale it read 149.5! I was finally out of the 150s! I’m never going back there! 

Have you been struggling with weight gain or obesity all your life? You, too, can take a 180 and lose weight permanently.

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