So you think you, a woman over 40, has to live with hot flashes?

Have you been afraid to try Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

Fear no more!

This latest study proves that HRT is safe for relieving hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause.

I asked Dr. French about this and he wrote:

Bio-identical hormones are the exact same hormone molecules the body produces. Because what already exists in nature cannot be patented, drug companies must create “new-to-nature” molecules they can patent, and thus profit from. As a result doctors mostly prescribe these synthetic hormones because that’s what the drug companies promote through medical school curriculums and reps.

This means Synthroid rather than Naturethroid and Premarin rather than bio-identical estrogen/progesterone.

Here’s some more information.

I have been on Synthroid, or it’s generic, Levothyroxin, for almost 30 years. After learning there is a natural alternative, I contacted Dr. Jensen, our resident naturopathic physician, and I’ll be starting on Naturethroid next week. It’s actually cheaper than the generic! I pay $15 monthly for the generic synthetic stuff and the natural version is $30 for 3 months supply! That’s a no-brainer.

Dr. French continues:

Despite all of this, the drug companies tend to dictate what are considered “standards of care” which is then what insurance will pay for. This means health insurance will readily pay $95 for Synthroid, but will more often than not refuse to pay for Nature throid which costs $15. As a result far more people will take the Synthroid because it is less out of their pockets. This then takes more out of everyone’s pockets through escalating insurance premiums.

I can’t afford health insurance. Beside the monthly premium, the deductible is ridiculous. What makes sense to me is to…

I can get all this done in a year for about what a few months of Obamacare would cost me by paying out of pocket. 

Again – no brainer!

Contact Holistic Health Solutions to set an appointment so that you can start feeling better and begin living the life you are meant to live! 

Living with your symptoms is not living! 

Follow my weight loss journey and path to feeling great! ~Giselle