Mom, it’s not your fault that I have a weight problem. You didn’t know better.

Old Roller Skates The Children's Museum of Indianapolis [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Who remembers these? Photo from The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. CC

As a Baby Boomer, I’m looking back at my lifestyle as a kid. Yes, I wasn’t very athletic, but I did get exercise. I had a bike, in the winter we played in the snow (Upstate New York) and in the summer growing up in the Bronx, I lived with roller skates adhered to my feet.

It was the diet. We are what we eat! I’m sure breathing my Dad’s second-hand smoke didn’t help either.

Sugar was the Main Culprit that Created my Weight Problem

Revealing Truths: Why We Have a Weight Problem and How to Fix itMom loved to bake. Her specialty was lemon merengue pie. There was always a cake in the house (for when company came!). She also baked sweet bread. Mmmm – that was my passion! I loved bread and couldn’t stop eating it. I remember a Pillsbury Dough Boy cookie jar filled with cookies.

I also was addicted to ice cream sandwiches. The mix of the chocolate cookie and the vanilla ice cream was just to tempting. They were sold every day at school.

Good Humor - one of the causes of our weight problem

1969 Good Humor truck. Photo by Michael Curi.

As a child in the Bronx, I always had “ice cream money” in my pocket and went along with all the kids when we heard the bells (no tacky jingles back then) of the Good Humor ice cream truck.

As a adult, struggling with yo-yo dieting, I tried every fad diet book published.

Nothing worked. I’d lose weight and gain it all back again.

Plus, I was still addicted to sugar! I’d say to myself as I ate a dark chocolate (75% or higher cocoa) square, “There’s only 70 calories and 6g net carbs (Net carbs are carbs with the fiber grams deducted.)” Oh, but I wasn’t considering the sugar – 9g of sugars. I had a blood glucose problem — insulin resistance. At one point, when I was at my heaviest at 185 lbs at only 5’2″, I was diagnosed pre-diabetic. 

In an article in Mind, Body Green, they explain how sugar can effect mental health in men (not so much for women, go figure). However…..

…high-sugar foods can create temporary feelings of happiness—providing temporary relief from anxiety and depression. This is both ironic and the reason why sugar is so hard to quit, as many people rely on the daily boosts of feel-good hormones in the brain that come from that soda in the afternoon or cookie before bed.

That explains the joyous feeling I had whenever I heard the bells of the Good Humor truck and my weight problem! 

No one has a perfect life without problems, frustrations, setbacks and pitfalls. Turning to sugar is not the answer! Yes, we have stress and stress is bad for you, but sugar is not the answer! 

So, what do you do to solve your weight problem? 

Do a Whole Life 180!

When I started the program back in March, (watch my video here), I weighed 170 lbs. I had gotten out of the 180s but was stuck at 170. I had gotten down to 165 and gained it back. I didn’t want to go back. I needed help.

Thanks to the great advice from Holistic Health Solutions’ (HHS) nutritionist, Judy Nicassio, I, a post time, am 7 lbs. from my final weight goal of 140!

She started me out on the Mediterranean meal plan, but I got stuck again at 151. I wanted to get out of the 150s SO BAD! (BTW, I set mini goals of 159, and 149, so I had something to celebrate when I got out of the 160s and the 150s.)

In doing research for the blogs, I kept hearing and reading about the Ketogenic Diet. I ask Judy about it and she thought it was a good idea to switch. The idea is to get into ketosis when you’re burning fat instead of carb energy. The meal plan is high fat, medium protein, very low carbs and absolutely no sugar! 

I was sabotaging myself with those stupid dark chocolate squares I mentioned before.

I started out all gung-ho, and lost 2 lbs. then I gained one back, then the other. I was going in the wrong direction!

My Bulletproof teaThen Judy suggested intermittent fasting. Basically, that’s skipping breakfast and lunch is your first meal of the day. (Go figure, now it’s OK to skip breakfast.) The only thing to have in the morning is bulletproof coffee or tea. That’s putting butter in your coffee or tea instead of cream (I used coconut milk.)

I like it!

And I lost those 2 lbs in 3 days! I’m now 7 lbs from my final goal weight!

If you’re ready to take a Whole Life 180 turn for the better, contact HHS for an appointment. They even do email and phone consults!