In my last post, I wrote how if you want to lose weight, learn to cook. Many people complain that they hate to cook. It’s probably because they hate their kitchen or they don’t feel they have the time. They prefer to eat out (which can get expensive) and, of course, junk food sneaks in.

I love to cook, but I’m stuck with a small kitchen in an old house. (There’s no dishwasher.) I don’t like to waste time looking for stuff, but I’m not obsessively organized either. I guess you can call me logically organized.

Save Time, Lose Weight and Get the Most Our of Your Kitchen

Basically, I have the things I use most often closest to the work area. When I first moved in, I got screw hooks for the colanders, measuring cups and spoons.

The trick here is to rinse them as soon as you use them and hang them up. Mine are over the sink so they drip right into it.

I keep my cutting board rinsed and ready to use leaning on the back of the sink. Same thing there. Rinse and put it away when you’re done using it.

Here you see the tiny work area I have. Unless you can move, you have to make do with the kitchen that you’ve got.

Save Time, Lose Weight and Get the Most Our of Your Kitchen

From left to right here are the staple items on my kitchen counter:

  • Ground ginger, cinnamon and turmeric – my favorite anti-inflammatory spices. (Watch for more articles on how to use these to control pain.)
  • Single-serve smoothie blender
  • The red thing hanging on the wall is my hand blender. I use that almost every day for mixing eggs for breakfast.
  • Apple cider vinegar. I mix 1 tbs. with cool water, a dash of ginger and a dash of stevia. It helps control your blood sugar levels. I drink it in the morning, lunch time, and before bed. (It’s one of my secret weapons.)
  • Herbal teas are in the basket and the tin is filled with green tea.
  • The white cup is filled with packets of stevia. It’s the only sweetener that won’t kill you.
  • Mixing spoons, utensils and knives.
  • The little white scale is a must. You think you know what an ounce of something looks like and when you use one of these, you realize that you’ve been wrong every time. I paid $15 for this one. Make sure you adjust the dial with the container on the scale.

Save Time, Lose Weight and Get the Most Our of Your KitchenOver by the stove are the only 2 oils I use in cooking: coconut and olive. That’s it. I threw out all the vegetable oils and sprays. Those are poison!

That’s how you have to look at everything that the doctors tell you not to eat. It’s poison. I came to that realization when I had to give up gluten and dairy. I consume them, I feel pain. It’s an extreme allergic reaction. Instead of going into anaphylaxis, I feel pain.

You don’t have to continue living with pain!

Getting shots every few weeks or taking prescription drugs with extreme side-effects is not living either.

Isn’t it about time you fixed the underlying problems?

That’s what working with a holistic team will do. The folks at Holistic Health Solutions don’t just treat the symptoms, they determine what the root cause of the problem is and address that.

What are you waiting for? Contact them now.

Living with your symptoms is not living.