I’ve been seeing Dr. Matt for over a year with great results. I am in every 2 weeks for maintenance, which is all I need. Whenever I have a problem in between visits, I am always welcome to stop in.


I need an adjustment every month just to keep aligned. I can tell when I go too long without it cause the left side of my back hurts. Dr. Matt does a great job keeping me going.


Chiropractic care helped to relieve my burning and bleeding hemorrhoids. The first treatment eased my lower back pain.


Coming to Dr. Matt has almost eliminated all my severe headaches that prior to being adjusted, kept me from work and enjoying many activities. How it’s hard to remember how bad they really were. Thanks, Dr. Matt!

Ms. Chase

The help I got here with Dr. Matt French is great. He put my spine in place and did away with great pain in my back. Also has taken my headaches away. My nerves are shot, but he’s helping me greatly. They are all so friendly here, it’s a pleasure to come.


Gonstead Chiropractic testimonialI suffer from allergies, fibromyalgia, headaches, constant #pain. I am prone to carpal tunnel syndrome since I’m on the computer 50 hours per week. I am now sleeping better, feeling less pain and generally enjoying life better.

Linda G.

Julie - Gonstead Chiropractic testimonialI began to experience what I thought was a stiff neck. The stiffness increased as time passed and pain started to radiate up the back of my head all the way to the crown. The headaches had become a 24/7 ordeal. I had 7 months of physical therapy, MRIs, trigger point injections, muscle relaxers, narcotics, and even a nerve block directly into the nerve in the back of my head. All of this brought little relief or hope. I suffered and my family suffered. After just a couple weeks of Gonstead care I began to notice improvement in my health. I would recommend it to everyone. It has been a lifesaver for me and had helped to restore some sense of control over my condition rather than my condition having control over me.

Julie P.

“The quality of care has been very good. They make you feel like they know what they are doing and above all want you to be well. Thus far my neck has improved some, but still has a ways to go. I look forward to continuing with my treatments.”


I had lots of back, knee, shoulder and hip pain. It’s gone most of the time. I don’t’ know what would have happened had I not gotten chiropractic care. I did not want more surgery.


“I have found the experience enjoyable. I started out with pain and problems and they have been relieved. Before I started chiropractic care, I was always having problems with my neck, shoulders and numbness in my hands. Overall, I have a pain and symptom-free life now.”