In a perfect world, in which you could have anything regarding your health, what would it be?

  • Would you want more energy, vitality, stamina, and vigor?
  • Would you like to be fitter, trimmer or more attractive?
  • Would you like to live an active lifestyle outperforming those far younger than you?
  • Would you like to be on fewer prescription medications?
  • Would you like to be free of fear regarding your present lifestyle and future health?
  • Would you like to take back control of your health?

If so, then our Whole Life 180 program is for you! Watch this!

Here’s the Skinny….

  • 83% of rapid weight loss is put back on within 2 years
  • 86% of our health care costs are due to chronic disease
  • Overweight individuals spend an average of $2,741 more per year on health care costs to deal with chronic diseases like:
    • Heart disease
    • High blood pressure
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes
    • Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • 3 out of 4 chronic diseases are due to poor lifestyle choices. This means that the cure to what ails most of us will not be found from a pill or a scalpel, but from:
    • What you breathe
    • What you eat
    • What you drink
    • How much you move
    • How you handle stress

That is what Whole Life 180 is all about – Getting to the cause of your health problem(s) through a healthier lifestyle.

  • $65,000 over a lifetime on weight loss products, services, surgery
  • There are literally thousands of options, trends, plans, and fad diets monetized because “weight loss” is a perpetual losing cycle.
  • Over $60 billion is spent annually on weight loss yet obesity continues to be an epidemic.

So What’s the Point?

  • Enough is enough!
  • Stop focusing on weight loss and start treating the cause of weight gain!
  • This will mean a dramatic lifestyle change – a “180” if you will.
  • Which will impact your Whole Life – and lead to a Whole New You!

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  • Whole Life 180 Weight Loss Kickstart SpecialThe Whole Life 180 system is designed to meet YOUR personal objectives.
  • We offer a 1-2 Punch Approach:
    • Fast Fat Loss to jumpstart the process followed by
    • Long-term Maintenance & Support
  • The primary goal is to help empower you to create lifestyle change.

Whole Life 180 at a Glance:

  1. A physician-guided program in which we take into account your:
    1. Medical history
    2. Unique biochemistry and hormones
    3. Unique metabolism
    4. Food preferences
    5. Current level of fitness
    6. Financial status (many insurance plans cover a portion of program costs) (Ask us about this!)
  2. An initial fat-loss phase that can be rapid and aggressive or slow and steady depending on your preference.
  3. One-on-one sessions with a certified nutritionist with customized eating and exercise plans.
  4. Monitoring progress through body composition analysis changes in metabolism and laboratory blood work.
  5. Appropriate nutritional supplementation through medical foods and nutraceuticals.

What’s in it for you?

  • Feeling better
  • Enjoying your life and what’s important to YOU
  • Less healthcare costs
  • Doing sports and activities you love that were hindered by
  • Your weight
  • Pain from inflammatory diseases
  • Lack of stamina or energy
  • Finally losing the weight that you’ve been struggling with and keeping it off!

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