healthy aging vitalityIn a perfect world, in which you could have anything regarding your health, what would it be?

    • Would you want more energy, vitality, stamina, and vigor?
    • Would you like to be fitter, trimmer or more attractive?
    • Would you like to live an active lifestyle outperforming those far younger than you?
    • Would you like to be on fewer prescription medications?
    • Would you like to be free of fear regarding your present lifestyle and future health?
    • Would you like to take back control of your health?

If so, then our Whole Life 180 program is for you! Watch this!

Here’s the Skinny….

    • Knee pain from arthritis86% of our health care costs are due to chronic disease
    • Overweight individuals spend an average of $2,741 more per year on health care costs to deal with chronic diseases like:
      • Heart disease
      • High blood pressure
      • Cancer
      • Diabetes
      • Alzheimer’s and Dementia
    • 3 out of 4 chronic diseases are due to poor lifestyle choices. This means that the cure to what ails most of us will not be found from a pill or a scalpel, but from:
      • What you breathe
      • What you eat
      • What you drink
      • How much you move
      • How you handle stress

That is what Whole Life 180 is all about – Getting to the cause of your health problem(s) through a new healthy aging lifestyle.

  • $65,000 spent over a lifetime on weight loss products, supplements, services, and surgeries.
  • There are literally thousands of options, trends, plans, and fad diets monetized because “weight loss” is a perpetual losing cycle.
  • Over $60 billion is spent annually on weight loss yet obesity continues to be an epidemic.

So What’s the Point?

  • Enough is enough!
  • Stop focusing on weight loss and start treating the cause of weight gain!
  • This will mean a dramatic lifestyle change – a “180” if you will.
  • Which will impact your Whole Life – and lead to a Whole New You!

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What’s in it for you?Playing with grandchild

  • Feeling better
  • Enjoying your life and what’s important to YOU
  • Less healthcare costs
  • Doing sports and activities you love that were hindered by lack of energy, stamina and trouble breathing.
  • Less pain from inflammatory diseases

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