As part of our Whole Life 180 program, we can coach you via Skype, phone or email.

Fad Diets don't work. You need coaching to lose weight permanently


If’ you’ve tried all the fad diets only to lose some weight and gain it all back again, you may benefit from weight loss coaching.

  • Weekly 30-minute phone or Skype consultations with either our nutritionist, Lorrie Karn or Dr. Matt French.
  • Weekly weigh-ins to keep you accountable and making sure that you’re reaching your short and long-term goals.
  • Nutritional guidance and meal planning. Based on your lifestyle and preferences, we put you on one of several diet plans and provide you with materials and a cookbook.
  • Behavior modification: We expect you to consciously strive to do the recommended exercise programs as part of your lifestyle changes.
  • Email us with your questions at any time and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Contact us for more information.