I know Dr. Matt from church and it wasn’t till I went to him for my shoulder pain that I became aware of his Whole Life 180 weight loss program.

Giselle Aguiar, before and afterAll my life I have struggled with weight. (You can follow my weight loss journey in these blog posts). I started on the Whole Life 180 program in March. After following the guidance from Dr. Matt and the nutritionist, by July, I lost 40 pounds!

For me, keep the weight off was the biggest challenge. Here it is November, Thanksgiving weekend and I have NOT GAIN IT BACK!

Not only have I lost weight, but the pain in my knees and ankles is greatly reduced. Hey, they have 40 lbs. less to carry!

Permanent weight loss is possible with Whole Life 180!

Giselle, 62

“When Dr. French called and asked me to be part of a Test Pilot Group for a Detox/ Weight loss program, I was very excited, because I had gained several pounds after a car accident that left me with a broken foot and other injuries and I was unable to exercise. When he mentioned it would be HCG injections I had never heard of this before.

“Being desperate and wanting to take off the weight I agreed to jump in, because after all it was only 26 days of my life and I could do anything for 26 days. The injection part scared me a little…….

“After asking several questions in regards to what it was and what my commitment would be I have to admit that I was very skeptical at first. I have tried several diets, read all the “books”, done all the “right” things and the weight really didn’t seem to come of very easily and I was not interested in another quick fix that would not produce results.

“Dr. Matt assured me he was skeptical as well and that is why he chose the group he did. He wanted to see for himself if what he had researched would produce what it said it would and that is where it all begins.

“I met with Dr. Muatrore to go over the program and received the HCG. I started the detox/weight loss injections of HCG on May 4th and for the first 3 days I ate as much high fat foods as I possibly could (you are instructed to do so and can I say that part did not suck) day 4 is when you drop to 500 calories a day HELLO! I could not imagine living on 500 calories a day and was very hungry at first and did not feel so well. I had headaches probably do to detoxing my system and getting rid of all the “junk”.  By day 6, I was feeling so much better, headaches were gone and hunger was not that bad.”

“Day 7, I felt great and had energy and was down 2 pounds. At this point I was seeing results and very encouraged. I did not feel tired when I woke up, my stomach bloating was down, clothes fit better and I had an overall sense of well being and I was sleeping better then I had in a year.

“I must admit that it was hard at times to eat the same foods over and over, but by week 3 I was down 13 lbs. and really seeing and feeling a difference. I honestly have to say I felt so much healthier. I saw fat dissolve from places on my body that normally would be the last place to leave…or not.

“At the end of the 26 days my total weight loss was a whopping 18 pounds and a size smaller. I felt great and love knowing I rid my body of a lot of toxins. I had no headaches, bloating was completely gone, gas gone, cravings gone. I went on the 3 weeks of maintenance and have to tell you I did cheat a little and still maintained my weight loss. I fluctuated up and down by 2 to 3 pounds, but never went over a 15-pound loss. The best part of the HCG is I did not lose more then 2 1/2 lbs. of muscle.

“I am so thankful Dr. Matt chose me to be part of this pilot group. I was a huge skeptic and it proved me wrong. I would definitely do this again in the future and would recommend it to anyone. This was one of the best choices I have ever made in regards to my health and well being. Thanks Dr. Matt for introducing this to me. I am forever grateful!”

LW, female, 50

If you want to lose body fat, improve muscle mass, and just feel better, then Dr. French and his staff is the place to be! 

It would seem logical as a fitness instructor/personal trainer for the past 18 years I would have no problem losing body fat. Though I stick to a healthy lifestyle overall, I still had some problem areas, some generalized fatigue and overall frustration. I first consulted with Dr. Matt French in January of ’08. I explained my desire to shed some unwanted body fat, improve my energy level, and improve my overall athletic performance.

After attentively listening to me, Dr. French did necessary tests (blood work, body analysis, etc.) to determine our starting point. We first began our process with a detox plan. This consisted of some needed supplements, and a meal replacement drink, along with a carefully planned nutrition guide.

In 4 weeks I lost 12 lbs.! I maintained my muscle mass, and lost some fat. In addition, my overall cellular structure improved. With a pound or two variation, and following a maintenance plan, I kept the weight off. My energy level began to improve. Then in May, I agreed to participate in the HCG weight loss plan. Though this phase of “the next step” required a lot of discipline, it was most definitely worth it. For 23 days, a very strict 500-calorie diet must be adhered to. Although on my high athletic performance days, I increased my caloric intake to 700 calories. (Keeping in mind, the average person does not participate in 4 hours of aerobic and/or resistance training in one day).

Each week Dr. French’s staff evaluated my progress. At times the scale did not reflect great changes, my body composition did! For example, one week I gained 3 lbs. of muscle, and lost 7, (yes, SEVEN) lbs. of fat. From our start in February, I am down 2 clothing sizes, and feel so much better. I have lost a total of 16 lbs. I have more muscle mass, and less body fat!

Though it is nice receiving all the compliments at home and at the gym, I am even more impressed with how I am feeling. Dr. French and his staff genuinely care about their patients’ well being, and strive for total results. If you’re ready to improve your body, and you’re willing to commit to changing your life, Dr. French and his staff are what you need.

Wellness is a journey, not a destination… I am ready for my next step!  ARE YOU?

LK, female, 40

My experience with the HCG protocol was a pleasant surprise to me because when I heard that I would be eating 500 calories a day I just assumed that I would starve for 23 days until it was done. I was raised with a sweet Italian family that taught me food was the cure for everything! Happy or sad, food was our focus!

I turned 41 this year and eating a toxic diet my whole life caught up with me. Not only did I gain weight, I felt exactly how I was eating toxic! I was feeling tired and depressed. I knew that I wanted to lose some weight, but more than that, I wanted to feel better!

When I heard of the HCG cleanse, I was excited to try it. After the first three days of having a party in my mouth (the high fat and sugar part of the program) I was looking forward to begin the cleanse! The first few days were great because I instantly felt better and the scale was going down quickly. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t hungry!

When I would start to feel hunger pangs it would be time for a small meal or snack. Being the food-aholic that I was raised to be, made being disciplined the hardest part, but I was committed. I ended up losing 12 pounds of fat and toxins and I feel better than I have in years! I have just completed the 3-week maintenance program and now I am looking forward to a new, healthier lifestyle change! I am so thankful for the encouragement and for the opportunity to feel and look better! Thank you!!!

Tami, female, 38

When I first heard about the HCG/Protocol approach to weight loss I thought, No way! It just sounded too extreme and restrictive to me. But when Dr. French started to explain about what the Protocol can do to abnormal fat, and out of my respect for him and his commitment to a holistic, functional approach to all health concerns, I took another look at the plan.

The thing that made me willing to give it a try was the fact that my whole life, no matter what my weight has been, my waist size has always been 1 to 3 sizes bigger than the rest of me; and the Protocol is designed to make you lose fat from your problem areas.

For me that meant around my middle. Also I learned that the Protocol is not a weight loss program, but a fat loss program that can detoxify your body.

So, I decided to do the program and I have been pleased with the results: In just three weeks I lost about 15 pounds. But the really good news is that I lost over 2 1/2 inches off my waist while only losing 3/4 of an inch off each thigh. And I don’t experience the energy loss or fatigue you might expect from such quick weight loss. Also, my weight has remained stable for over 6 weeks since finishing the Protocol.

I would have thought that having lost weight so quickly, I would have put it back on just as quickly. Another benefit, which surprised me, is that I feel like my relationship with food is healthier than it was and I have really enjoyed eating healthier, clean food. I didn’t lose all the fat I want to since I only did the program for 26 days, but I don’t feel haunted by the need to go on another endless diet to deal with it. I am actually looking forward to doing the HCG Protocol again in a few weeks! With the results I have already had, I don’t have to wonder if I am in for another long, drawn out diet that might not even work! I know for sure that in a relatively short period of time I will have successfully lost another significant amount of abnormal fat!

SS, female, 54