Yoga classes are currently suspended until further notice.

Are you stressed? Yoga is the perfect exercise to relax, stretch and relax.

Try our new small and intimate Yoga classes on Fridays!

Each class is $12

Presented by Teri Unreiner, a certified rejiggered Yoga Instructor since 2010:

Yoga classes at Holistic Health Solutions, Phoenix8:30- 9:45 Slow Flow & Stretch: This is a deep stretch and gentle flow class that builds strength and balance on the mat. Aligning movement with breath and a meditation to inspire us through the day, you will feel challenged, energized, and great! Must be able to get up and down. Bring water and a yoga mat. We also have a few here.
1:00-2:00: Intro to Yoga/Basics: This is for beginners to come and find all the benefits Yoga offers body/ soul/ spirit. No experience needed. Wear yoga or loose, comfy clothing.
2:30-3:30 : Gentle Faith & Flow: This is a gentle class that is Faith based with Christian music and Meditations. It’s purpose is to engage the student to connect deeper, not only in their body, but with God. The focus is to create a more conscious awareness of God and how our bodies are beautifully and wonderfully made. Beginners to Intermediate level.
Yoga Class at Holistic Health Solutions
4:00- 5:15: Mindful Movement & Meditation: ( Yoga Nidra) We will begin with gentle yoga stretches or Qigong movements before entering a deep place of relaxation. Yoga Nidra is a relaxing yoga “ sleep” in which Teri leads us through a quiet guided meditation for relaxation, transformation, and stress relief. 1 hour of Nidra is equivalent to 3-5 hrs of REM sleep. It’s amazing! No experience needed.
For more info and to reserve your spot, call Teri @ 602-460-3987