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The Truth About Inflammation: What’s Behind Your Pain [Infographic]

The Truth About Inflammation: What's Behind Your Pain [Infographic]

Are you or a loved one suffering from any of these ailments? Weakened Immune System: You catch colds and flu too often Ongoing aches and pains in the joints and muscles Chronic Tendonitis Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis Alzheimer’s disease Rheumatoid Arthritis Celiac disease Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Lupus Lyme Disease Multiple Sclerosis Scleroderma Acid reflux, heartburn Irritable Bowel Syndrome, […]

Beware: A Side Effect of the Keto Diet that No One Mentions: Gout

Did you know you could get gout on the keto diet?

I was happily losing weight on the Keto Diet. I loved it! Eating eggs and bacon for breakfast every day and enjoying salmon, chicken, chili, steak, spinach — yum! Then the pain in my right hand started. At first I thought it was carpal tunnel as I work daily on a computer, but the usual […]

When You Want A More Challenging Hike for a Great Cardio Workout

When You Want A More Challenging Hike for a Great Cardio Workout

Once you’re tired of the easy trails in the Phoenix area, I recommend trying the Trail #60 hike. It’s a bit more challenging and you get a decent cardio workout. Hike the Phoenix North Mountains in less than an hour! When I was less fit (aka 40 lbs. fatter), this hike used to take me […]

Get Motivated! The Best, Easy Hiking Trails in Phoenix

It’s September in Phoenix and the cool weather is starting with mornings in the 70s! We’ve been suffering through the summer heat and finally the temperatures are perfect for hiking! The best place to start is with the easy hiking trails in Central Phoenix. Phoenix is a great place to lose weight because it offers […]

How to Make Knee Pain go Away – Part 1 with Chiropractic Care

The knee is the largest and one of the most complex joints in the body. It is also one of the most common joints to suffer injury and cause disability. Problems with the knee can be classified as 1) poor mechanics 2) trauma and overuse, and 3) arthritic changes. Numbers 2 and 3 are closely […]

How to Help Alleviate the Pain of Osteoarthritis

How to Help Alleviate the Pain of Osteoarthritis

The term “arthritis” is a broadly used, and commonly misunderstood term. For this section we will discuss the most common form of arthritis, which is osteoarthritis (also called degenerative arthritis, degenerative joint disease, DJD, or spondylosis in the spine). Degenerative arthritis affects almost everyone to some extent over the age of 50, and for this […]

What can I do about Hip Pain?

What can I do about Hip Pain?

When we use the term “hip joint,” most people are actually referring to more than one joint. The true hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint where the head (ball) of the thigh bone (femur) meets the acetabulum (socket) of the hip. Another is the sacroiliac joint, formed where the sacrum meets the ilium. Dr. Gonstead […]

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