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I Need Pain Relief Now! How Long Will It Take?

Neck Pain

Most patients see a chiropractor because they have a symptom that they don’t want anymore. Gonstead Chiropractic aims to help people find what is causing their symptom, and allow for complete rehabilitation and healing. For those who only desire instantaneous symptom relief, morphine will beat Gonstead chiropractic 99% of the time. For those who want […]

Does Chiropractic Treatment Really Work?

neck pain - chiropractic treatment

Stating science and philosophy is great, but how can efficacy be proven? Results. The wealth of evidence concerning the effectiveness of chiropractic can fill volumes. Listed are research results of some of the more comprehensive studies conducted. Chiropractic care is greatly superior to medical treatment in terms of scientific validity, safety, cost effectiveness and patient […]

I Don’t Want My Neck Cracked! Does it Hurt?

chiropractic neck adjustment

Whenever the topic of chiropractic comes up, someone will usually express a fear of having their neck “cracked”. “I hear they cause strokes, ” one chides in. Then images are conjured up of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a tight commando uniform sneaking up behind an unsuspecting enemy and snap! with one swift twist, his victim is […]

Are Chiropractors Quacks?

Gonstead Chiropractor at Holistic Health Solutions

“I would never see a chiropractor. They’re a bunch of quacks!” “You have to believe in chiropractic for it to work, and I don’t believe in it!” Maybe you have heard these statements or even claimed them yourself. Chiropractic has had many negative reports over the past century popularized by both the media and medical […]

How to Make Migraine Headache Pain go Away: Try Chiropractic

How to Make Migraine Headache Pain go Away: Try Chiropractic

The migraine headache is a disorder categorized by repeat attacks with varying levels of intensity (typically severe), frequency and duration. Migraines are commonly associated with throbbing and intense head pain, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, as well as neurological and mood disturbances. Two types of migraines have been defined; classical and common. The classical migraine is the […]

The Truth about Neck Pain: Can Your Lifestyle be the Cause?

Neck Pain

Most who suffer from neck pain tend to try and blame the condition on a single incident (poor pillow or bad night’s sleep, turning head too fast, etc.). The truth is most neck stems form years of accumulated micro trauma from lifestyle factors. Some neck pain does occur as the result of traumatic events like […]

What’s Really Going on When You Have a Pinched Nerve?

What’s Really Going on When You Have a Pinched Nerve?

“Pinched nerve” is actually a lay or common term and is not considered an accurate or scientific term for describing what happens. Nerves are rarely affected by a direct pinching process, but are more often compressed, irritated, tensioned, stretched, or experience interference. Nerves can be compressed or impinged by bone, tumors, disc bulges, or fibrotic […]

How to Make Knee Pain go Away – Part 1 with Chiropractic Care

The knee is the largest and one of the most complex joints in the body. It is also one of the most common joints to suffer injury and cause disability. Problems with the knee can be classified as 1) poor mechanics 2) trauma and overuse, and 3) arthritic changes. Numbers 2 and 3 are closely […]

What is Scoliosis and the Truth about Treatment

Suffering from Middle Back Pain? Chiropractic can help!

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine, usually in an ‘S’ shape with the convex to the right in the upper back and to the left in the lower back. Most people have slight scoliotic curves as a result of slight structural abnormalities, trauma, or subluxation. These curves which straighten when that person bends […]

What You Need to Know about Infertility and How to Overcome it

What You Need to Know about Infertility and How to Overcome it.

Infertility is distinct from sterility in that it implies the potential for pregnancy. The question arises as to what is the cause of interference in physiological function. Infertility is increasing in our country with a large percentage of those who have difficulty conceiving having no organic findings. Patients are becoming increasingly discouraged with medical approaches […]

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