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Need to Get Healthy to Better Combat COVID-19? Hit the Pool!

Water Aerobics a fun way to lose weight

Summer started in Arizona. It’s too hot to hike, walk or run. The gyms are closed because of COVID-19 so what does one do? Gain weight? No, we hit the pool! Water aerobics is an excellent alternative to going to the gym. It’s not just for old folks either! People of Any Age with Underlying […]

Revealing the Best Way to Lose Weight, Look and Feel Better!

lose weight - Whole Life 180

Have you made ever a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight? How about to eat healthier? Exercise more? How’d it work out for you?  More than likely you started gung ho with a gym membership (or actually bought a piece of exercise equipment). Furthermore, you got the latest diet book and did pretty well for […]

Are American’s Lazy? How to Make a Effort to Beat Laziness

obesity kills

Let’s face it — technology has made Americans lazy. In fact, there is even a National Lazy Day – August 10. A day designated for us to be lazy? Really? Do we need an observance day for this? Think about it. I remember when we had to get up off the couch to change the […]

For Weight Loss Success Learn How to Cook

For Weight Loss Success Learn How to Cook

My mom was a great cook. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn from her. All I remember is, being Puerto Rican, everything was always well seasoned. On my own in my 20s and 30s, I ate out a lot. I worked in hotels so I got free meals. When I started gaining weight in my 40s, I jumped […]

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