If you want to lose body fat, improve muscle mass, and just feel better, then Dr. French and his staff is the place to be! 

It would seem logical as a fitness instructor/personal trainer for the past 18 years I would have no problem losing body fat. Though I stick to a healthy lifestyle overall, I still had some problem areas, some generalized fatigue and overall frustration. I first consulted with Dr. Matt French in January of ’08. I explained my desire to shed some unwanted body fat, improve my energy level, and improve my overall athletic performance.

After attentively listening to me, Dr. French did necessary tests (blood work, body analysis, etc.) to determine our starting point. We first began our process with a detox plan. This consisted of some needed supplements, and a meal replacement drink, along with a carefully planned nutrition guide.

In 4 weeks I lost 12 lbs.! I maintained my muscle mass, and lost some fat. In addition, my overall cellular structure improved. With a pound or two variation, and following a maintenance plan, I kept the weight off. My energy level began to improve. Then in May, I agreed to participate in the HCG weight loss plan. Though this phase of “the next step” required a lot of discipline, it was most definitely worth it. For 23 days, a very strict 500-calorie diet must be adhered to. Although on my high athletic performance days, I increased my caloric intake to 700 calories. (Keeping in mind, the average person does not participate in 4 hours of aerobic and/or resistance training in one day).

Each week Dr. French’s staff evaluated my progress. At times the scale did not reflect great changes, my body composition did! For example, one week I gained 3 lbs. of muscle, and lost 7, (yes, SEVEN) lbs. of fat. From our start in February, I am down 2 clothing sizes, and feel so much better. I have lost a total of 16 lbs. I have more muscle mass, and less body fat!

Though it is nice receiving all the compliments at home and at the gym, I am even more impressed with how I am feeling. Dr. French and his staff genuinely care about their patients’ well being, and strive for total results. If you’re ready to improve your body, and you’re willing to commit to changing your life, Dr. French and his staff are what you need.

Wellness is a journey, not a destination… I am ready for my next step!  ARE YOU?

LK, female, 40