When I first heard about the HCG/Protocol approach to weight loss I thought, No way! It just sounded too extreme and restrictive to me. But when Dr. French started to explain about what the Protocol can do to abnormal fat, and out of my respect for him and his commitment to a holistic, functional approach to all health concerns, I took another look at the plan.

The thing that made me willing to give it a try was the fact that my whole life, no matter what my weight has been, my waist size has always been 1 to 3 sizes bigger than the rest of me; and the Protocol is designed to make you lose fat from your problem areas.

For me that meant around my middle. Also I learned that the Protocol is not a weight loss program, but a fat loss program that can detoxify your body.

So, I decided to do the program and I have been pleased with the results: In just three weeks I lost about 15 pounds. But the really good news is that I lost over 2 1/2 inches off my waist while only losing 3/4 of an inch off each thigh. And I don’t experience the energy loss or fatigue you might expect from such quick weight loss. Also, my weight has remained stable for over 6 weeks since finishing the Protocol.

I would have thought that having lost weight so quickly, I would have put it back on just as quickly. Another benefit, which surprised me, is that I feel like my relationship with food is healthier than it was and I have really enjoyed eating healthier, clean food. I didn’t lose all the fat I want to since I only did the program for 26 days, but I don’t feel haunted by the need to go on another endless diet to deal with it. I am actually looking forward to doing the HCG Protocol again in a few weeks! With the results I have already had, I don’t have to wonder if I am in for another long, drawn out diet that might not even work! I know for sure that in a relatively short period of time I will have successfully lost another significant amount of abnormal fat!

SS, female, 54